Gerald Couzens has been fortunate enough to have always had a foot in both the Catskill Mountains and New York City, as his family has had multiple homes in Roxbury, NY (Delaware County) since two sets of grandparents bought second homes there in the 1930s. Every weekend and summer of his life was spent in Roxbury, until his family made the permanent move from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Woodstock, NY in 1990. Moving back to New York City in 1996, the family decided to keep their home in Woodstock and used it as a year round second home. Gerald's career in real estate began on the factory floor, so to speak, when he and his siblings began learning the ropes of the business from their grandfather, who owned and managed two mixed use buildings on Manhattan's Upper West Side. That type of access, exposure, and experience proved to be invaluable, as it allowed him to become proficient in many facets of the real estate business, including commercial leasing, residential leasing, renovation procurement/management, and marketing. Torn between a life in the publishing/content providing space (a big love of his and one his family have very deep roots in too), it was in 2006 when he decided to formally dedicate his professional life to real estate and began working full time as a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in New York City. As the years went by, life took Gerald to Sydney, Australia, where he spent two and a half years living and working. There he was the Business Development Manager of a niche software company that specialized in payment services and client retention for the Parking industry. Their parent company, Secure Parking, was one of the largest parking operators in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as the most multinational parking company in the world. Upon moving back to the States, Gerald jumped right back into real estate full time. Calling Harlem home since 2012, it was there that he found his love for emerging markets and previously undervalued assets. Working as a Listings Manager, with hundreds of units in his diverse portfolio of clients, Gerald worked very closely with some of Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn's largest multi-family landlords. It was around that time that Gerald also began working as a real estate consultant (private equity) too. In winter of 2020 Gerald decided to make a longstanding dream of his come true, and formally began working in both the New York City market, as well as the Hudson Valley market. Based in Woodstock, as well as Manhattan, Gerald splits his time living and working between both areas and markets. Gerald brings with him the better part of 15 years of experience (significantly more if you count the time he spent sitting in the desk next to his Grandfather's) and actively works with both Buyers and Sellers. Transparency, honesty, and hard work are hallmarks of Gerald's method and process.